In the reviews on Anna Pegler-Gordon’s In Sight of America: Photography and the Development of U.S. Immigration Policy, the author(s) examine the impact and use of photography in U.S. immigration policy through Pegler-Gordon’s book. However, each review looks at this impact and use from a different perspective and understanding. In the first review, the author, Colin John Davis, analyzes how Pegler-Gordon explores “the production and dissemination of racial knowledge, the commonly assumed association of visible markers with ‘racial types…’” The author seems to only go through the main points of Pegler-Gordon’s argument in the book. While in the second review, the author, Tara Browner, analyzes how Pegler-Gordon demonstrates “the reliance on photography to document immigrants and the institution of restrictionist immigration policies by the U.S. federal government in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.” Browner not only goes through the main points of Pegler-Gordon’s argument in the book but also digs deeper in the connection between photography and U.S. immigration policy. In the last review, the author, Andreas Killen, analyzes how Pegler-Gordon examines “the interplay between particular enforcement technologies and unauthorized entry by migrants…through a sustained focus on photographic technology and other visual forms of inspection between 1875 and 1930.” This author unlike the others also talks about how Pegler-Gordon’s novel contributes to the field. After reading these reviews, I have come to an understanding about what I should write in book review. I should not only go over the author’s argument but also talk about the works strengths, weaknesses, and contributions to the field.

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Moon · November 3, 2017 at 1:49 pm

I think that you read the correct reviews, but the authors of the reviews are listed at the end of each article, not at the beginning.

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